Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My 5th Mother's Day

I must say that this Mother's Day was amazing - even if I was busy all day long cleaning up messes and disasters - doing what I love! We started the day off with church, of course and then enjoyed a laid back lunch at home.

This is Taryn's "cheese" face. Yay... not. And for some reason, Dusty took it off center. Hmmm?

Dusty completely surprised me with this hand stamped necklace by Charms of Faith. It says "My heart belongs to a police officer" and it has his badge number on the heart, a blue jewel and a handcuff charm. I love it and haven't taken it off since Sunday!

The kids also got me an underwater camera for the summer. Yay! I was really spoiled seeing as I ordered my own present a month ago....

Dusty worked overnight Saturday and had to be back to work at 2 pm Sunday so he was away most of the day. :( I did manage to fit in a little sunning during naptime and then we delivered some hydrangeas to Grandma and walked to the police department to visit our fav officer.

All in all, it was an awesome day! I am grateful to have so many wonderful mothers in my life! My mom has been an amazing example of how to live as a godly wife and mother. I am thankful to have a fantastic mother-in-law and superb grandmothers. I'm also extremely grateful to have so many dear friends who are exceptional mothers.

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  1. I love all the sweet, fun, pretty pictures. Happy Mother's Day to a pretty fantastic mama!


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