Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday 10 is back

1. This 5 year old is pretty stoked with his new SWAT gear... he has requested to wear it to his birthday party! Ha ha. Fair warning, all. Police themed birthday party coming on up!

2. Taryn is quite the insistent fashionista.... picking out this outfit that included her "princess" dress up shoes, sunglasses and bangles. Hilarious.

3. We had a captivating visitor at our house... precious. The kids were completely fascinated with little Miss B. And I must admit, she did not help my baby fever at all! 

4. Our weekly excitement is a new paved driveway coming our way... 9 years of a gravel driveway has not been very fun... everything gets tracked into the car and into the house. It will be so much fun to have space for the kids to ride toys and chalk away. It's the simple ( and expensive) things that excite us. :)

5. We had our first swim day on Saturday... the pool is still not very clean but the kids were begging to get in. The water was COLD! 

6. Blue eyed girl?

7.     Follow Me on Pinterest

I started a Pinterest board for recipe wins! Check it out! I've found a few keepers.

8. Taryn has been pacifier free for 2 1/2 weeks! Yay! She still occasionally asks for it and cries a little for it but otherwise, we are over the hump. Thank goodness! Those first two days were TOUGH. She is also getting better at going to bed instead of stalling by getting up to go to the bathroom 8 times. This has been a huge battle.... consistency eventually pays off, right?

9. Thanks to a mild winter and spring, Dusty's mowing season is in full swing. He picked up a few more lawns this year so it is keeping him busy. This year, he's recruited an adorable little helper - who works for lemonade. :) Cayson has really enjoyed working alongside Dusty and I think it's a great way to teach him responsibility and hard work! He takes his little toy mower along and pushes next to Dusty or rides on his lap on the Dixon. Great bonding time for the guys!

10. Cayson's t-ball season is about to begin! He is very excited! Dusty is going to help coach his team which will make it even more special, I think.


  1. Fun, fun pictures! How awesome that Taryn is paci free! The boys cannot wait for C's party. Blaine told me that Cayson always has the best parties.

  2. Such fun pictures! They are both so cute and I'm sure there's never a dull moment with them. :) Cannot wait to check out that Pinterest board - great idea!


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