Saturday, May 5, 2012

April Phone Dump

My phone is over-flowing with pictures! It's insane how many I snap with my phone and rarely take any with my big camera. I'm thinking about getting a new small point & shoot so I'll take decent quality pictures of the kids and can stick it in my purse.

My dear grandpa turned 87 in April. We had a little surprise birthday party for him which he loved!

I spotted this picture of my granny hanging in his house... wasn't she gorgeous?

He also got serenaded at our favorite Mexican joint and got to wear the sombrero. Ha ha. He's a good sport!

We had a tornado scare late one night which prompted Dusty to load us up and take us to his office... it is underground. The kids laid on their napmats during the storm. It was a fun adventure for them... not so much for me! Dusty has to storm spot during threatening weather so he helps get us to a safe place before heading out. So sweet of him!

 We enjoyed a few days at the park in April... we love spring weather!

I helped with a garage sale of my grandma's house. We sold pretty much all her belongings and I snagged a few awesome things including these over-sized silverware. I can't wait to paint them and hang them in my dining room. A little piece of my grandparents' kitchen residing in our house!

More park fun - this time for a birthday party!

Taryn loves chalking.... just like she loves coloring (on every.single.surface)
Taryn also loves to get dirty. She's a "big" help in the garden.... she loved helping grandma work on her flowerbeds.

 REMADE was last Saturday - I put together the photo booth set up and my awesome sister took the pictures! I wasn't able to attend the event due to it falling on Cayson's birthday but it sounds like it was amazing! You can even order sweet Cari's book here.

Tinker Bell made an appearance last week... pretty sweet, I think!

Taryn loves to be read to... though she rarely sits still for a book! She is constantly in motion!

I've been working on a certain little boy's police birthday party! It should be a blast! My rockin' sister put together the invites for me.

The kids have enjoyed the great outdoors - snacks outside on this particular day!

Sorry for the photo overload but it does feel good to document these photos from my phone. Have a super weekend!

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