Thursday, June 28, 2012

Swim Days

We have been getting much more use out of our pool the last few days thanks to a crazy heat wave hitting Oklahoma. Monday, we opted for a mid-morning swim to beat the heat... and ensure good naps! Hee hee....

Getting Taryn to jump in took a long time. Her first jumps were nearly crawling into our arms in the pool. She is getting braver and taking actual little jumps in!

Cayson, the water loving kid, jumps in and in and in and in. He has completely perfected the cannonball already!

Daddy is a good ride-giver!

This Little Miss finally got in without the star ring around her waist! That's HUGE for her. She is such a scaredy cat of the water - which isn't a bad thing. She is getting more comfortable with the water and we have had to drag her out the last couple of swims.

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