Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday 10 - It's been a busy week!

We've had a wild and crazy week. This week is a little calmer, thank goodness!

1. Taryn is such a performer... all.the.time. On this particular day, she was standing up on a stool outfitted as a princess singing her heart out.

2. We got a crazy downpour of rain last week which totally made Cayson's day because he got to use his umbrella! It was pretty hilarious watching he and Taryn attempt to walk into church and both stay under the umbrella.

3. My hydrangeas are blooming like crazy! I clipped a few to bring in for us to enjoy. They are one of my ultimate favorite flowers!

3. Vacation Bible School filled up our mornings last week. I was the director for the toddler room which was a blast! Taryn was in my class which made it both fun and trying. We took daily walks in the "baby buggy" and took binoculars the last day to do some site seeing.

4. I baked a big batch of lemon cupcakes for my parents' anniversary party. I love lemon desserts and these were definitely a hit with the crowd. You can find the recipe here.

5. Taryn emerged post-nap one day last week wearing a completely different (mismatched) pair of shorts backwards and red socks pulled up to her knees. I never know what to expect when she gets up. One day, she got up wearing her Tinkerbell costume over her pajamas. Seriously, kid.

6. This cute little all-star got a yucky sinus infection last week which put him under the weather on Tuesday - missing out on VBS. His t-ball game was cancelled that night so he didn't miss out on that, at least. He did play like a champ Friday night!

7. Like I mentioned above, we hosted a 40th anniversary party for my parents on Saturday. It was so much fun!

A peek at the goodies

Total Daddy's Girl

The happy couple!

Our little family

8. I did a little shopping while Dusty waited in the car with sleeping kids. I texted him pics of my sunglasses choices along with shoe choices. He was a good sport advising me! I went with the last pair of sunglasses, FYI.... and got my first pair of Sperrys... on clearance! Side note, I was such a dork taking self portraits trying on all the sunglasses!
9. Along with the anniversary party came family! We spent some time at my grandpa's house to visit... I love these pictures of Taryn with her great-granddaddy. He was lifting her as she jumped... though it's blurry, you can still see the joy on her face.

My great-aunt and her husband came all the way from Georgia! It was so great to have her here... she is my granny's sister and she reminds me so much of my granny. It's like visiting with my granny all over again. I loved it! And, I loved her southern drawl! Cayson is already planning a trip to visit Aunt Phyllis!

10. Cayson started swimming lessons on Monday this week. He had a fantastic time and already learned new techniques. Today's lesson was cancelled due to inclement weather which was a big disappointment. He counts down the hours until time for his lesson. Speaking of, somehow we got the noon-12:50 time slot. Talk about stressful trying to feed lunch early and make it there on time!

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  1. Fun pictures! The pictures from the anniversary party, Taryn jumping with her great-grandaddy and the kids with your great aunt are so sweet.


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