Sunday, June 17, 2012

Finally got some swim time!

Life has been so busy lately that we haven't made it out to the pool in over a week! Saturday was the lucky day. Remember the girl who only likes to wear a swimsuit and splash her feet in the water? Well, we pretty much forced her to hang out in the pool and what do you know? She had a great time! Yay! She did require her Puddle Jumper  and a swim ring in order to feel safe. Later, I realized that she is not quite in the weight range for the Puddle Jumper... she's 29 lbs and it's for 30+ lbs so she has a hard time balancing it. 

Enjoying a pre-swim sucker

Cayson loves doing cannonballs.

A happy water baby! Yay!!!

Dusty had fun with the new camera. Ha ha.

Splashing girl! I am so happy that she FINALLY embraced the water!

Our awesome daddy with his precious babies!!! He is such a fun dad - always playing with the kids when I'm preoccupied.

Here's to many more swimming days... hopefully, life will slow down to a leisurely pace once swim lessons and t-ball are over.

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  1. Awww, all the pics are so fun. I'm glad Taryn got in. It just wasn't right that such a spunky girl wouldn't get in the pool.


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