Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Perfect Ending

Cayson's t-ball season was supposed to end with a make up game for a cancelled game. Well, the other team cancelled the day of so the coach opted for a parents/siblings vs. the Red Sox. Cayson was so excited to play against his dad!

Before each game, the coach has the kids draw a numbered Hershey's Kiss from a bag and that determines the batting order. I love this idea! No favorites - just plain fun!

Parents batted left-handed... Dusty was a good sport and had fun playing around with the kids.

Dusty raced a lot of the kids to home plate to encourage them to run their little hearts out. I love this shot of him and Cayson!

Fun night! Everyone was such a good sport and just had fun!

Cayson's first season of t-ball is in the books! Way to go Red Sox!

Here's a quick shot of the little sisters playing away in the playground during the game. They had no interest in cheering on their brothers and dads!

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  1. AH! Those girls! crack.me.up.
    That pic of Dusty and Cayson running so super sweet! I am so glad Blaine and Cayson were on the same team, I can't wait til next year when all 3 boys will be together.


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