Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tuesday 10 - two days late!

I'm just a day late on my post... story of my life!

1. I was tagged for "What I'm Doing Now" last week... yes, starting my day off with a workout. I'm a sweaty disgusting mess when I leave the gym. This coming from a girl who hates to sweat!

2. Cayson had a knight birthday party for his bud, Blaine, last week. The kids got in the pool to cool off and had quite the blast!

Taryn and Gracelyn had a ball splashing about.

3. Cayson has been making good use of his knightly party favors... this includes walking down the street dressed in this attire. One neighbor girl told Cayson, "Nice mask!" It was hilarious.

Taryn upped the princess anty by adding a super hero cape and mask.

4. We made a short stop at the local duck pond to say hi to the ducks. I guess with this extreme heat, they aren't getting fed as much because they nearly attacked us begging for food! We need to go back this week to feed them.

5. We made another stop at the famous Liberty Theatre for refreshments! Despite a 45 minute wait, we held out for our show pops, show dogs, and pop corn. We are desperate, I know!

6. This girl just cracks me up! She is pretty hilarious with her sunglasses.

7. These two had to get vaccinations this week. :( Boo. Cayson had his very belated 5 year check up and they both got shots. Cayson weighed in at 50 lbs and is 48" tall. He is off the charts for height and 97th for weight! The PA said Cayson is the average height for a 6-7 year old. The kids' treat after shots? Chick-Fil-A ice cream!

 8. We hit up Celebration Station for a little family fun! Cayson was in heaven playing the racing and shooting games. There weren't a whole lot of good games for Taryn but she enjoyed herself anyway.

9. I am thinking our playset needs a post all of it's own... so many things have fallen in place thanks to GOD. It's so awesome! Dusty & my dad got it put together and the kids are in heaven playing on it!

10. Hope everyone has an awesome Friday and a super weekend!!! We have a baby shower and birthday party to attend on Saturday so it should be a fun day!

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