Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday 10- Phone dump!

1. We are planning an early fall family road trip if all works out... I've been working on mapping out the details!!! We will be heading eastward!

2. This summer, we've enjoyed our fair share of snow cones and ICEEs. I took Taryn for a date to get snow cones the other day. She always requests strawberry.

3. Our Old Navy visit last week was quite entertaining as the kids were quite enamored with the mannequins. They have never paid attention to them until this trip. They loved the dog and wanted the little girl to be their sister! Taryn kept holding her hand and talking to her like they were best buds.

4. I pulled out these fun glasses and some feather boas from storage last week. The kids have had a ball with them! I haven't enjoyed picking up all the bright pink & purple feathers around the house from the boas.

5. We have been making quite a few afternoon visits to Daddy's office lately... our afternoons seem so long most days. This gives us a little opportunity to get out of the house yet be somewhere air conditioned.

6. We went to visit Dusty's parents Sunday afternoon which resulted in a visit to the ever-famous Liberty Movie Theater for show dogs and show pops for dinner. Yum! It was my first show dog experience and I am now a big fan!!!

7. There has been a lot of swimming going on around here to stay cool. Swimming is a lot easier this year with the kids. Taryn uses her puddle jumper and Cayson just swims and swims and swims his heart out.

8. I washed these babies up over the weekend to put on top of my cabinet! I love vintage blue canning jars!

9. Today we took a lengthy adventure to the Wichita Mountains, Medicine Park and Crowder Lake. We drove to the top of Mt. Scott which scared me to death... I'm so scared of heights! The kids had no fear though and nearly caused me many heart attacks over the course of our visit.

I "hiked" in my Sperrys... meant to change into tennis shoes but forgot.

Me= Super Scared

We saw an antique at Medicine Park... or rather, a pay phone. We had to explain to the kids what it was. Ha ha. Times are changing!

10. We had a 60th birthday party for my mother-in-law with a 50's sock hop theme. It was a cute party put on by my sisters-in-law and brother-in-law. This was the only picture that I snapped - Dusty and Taryn being on the television set.

Have a great week!!! I realized we have exactly one month until school starts. Insert sad face. I'm not ready for summer to end.


  1. With all this fun, fun, fun in the sun, I'd be sad to have school start again too.. but what precious memories :D Such blessings!

  2. You are such a fun mom! I love the ON mannequin pics and the big glasses. You look great!

  3. So much fun!! The Old Navy pictures made me laugh. Manny cries when we have to leave the dog there. Haha!!


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