Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Favorite: Online Shopping

I think we often find ourselves complaining thanks to all the social media methods instead of praising those who excel myself included. This week, I had some awesome customer service from two online stores so I had to brag on them and commend them! 

First up, Zulily. I love this site and order fairly frequently from them. Think, flash sale site for kids and mommas. I get a lot of neat things for myself and the kids! Definitely click the link to sign up, if you aren't a member!

I ordered Taryn a dress a few weeks and when I dressed her in it, I noticed the ruffle was not completely attached to the dress and one side of the hemline was higher than the other. Probably something I could easily fix with my sewing machine but I went ahead and sent them an email. They replied within 24 hours with an apology and issued me a refund PLUS $10 store credit. Ya'll, isn't that great? A refund plus more? They also told me to keep the dress to use, recycle, or donate. I'll definitely try to fix it so Taryn can wear it! Awesome, awesome, awesome!


My second awesome experience came from Express. I ordered some new jeans and loved them when they came! They fit awesome.... until I wore one pair for an hour and they stretched to the point of falling off. Don't you hate that? I have that problem with all my Old Navy denim which is why I switched to Express. Anyway, I emailed the company (I had thrown away all the packing, invoice, etc) to ask if I could exchange the worn and washed pair of jeans plus the unworn pair for a size smaller. They replied with a big yes... plus, they offered to refund my shipping cost to return them and next day mail the new pairs once they received mine. Is that great or what? Definitely going beyond what I expected!

Have you had any awesome customer service lately? Let's thank those companies for their great service.

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