Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

Life has gotten the best of me lately and I am one ragged wife/momma! Keeping up with homeschooling, housework, meals, bookwork, and vacation planning has made me rough around the edges. And I haven't been taking a whole lot of phone pictures because my phone camera is on the fritz. (hoping to get the new iPhone soon!)

Dusty is such a good daddy... Taryn asks him to play princess with her and he makes up these stories and acts them out. Sometimes, the princesses even talk in ebonics!

Luckily, we are able to Facetime with Dusty while he's working... so awesome. I snapped this the other day and it cracks me up!

I took the kids to feed the ducks the other day... they love feeding ducks and these ducks thought they were starving!

My sister picked me up a new-to-me sewing machine at an estate sale. I must say, I'm pretty thrilled! I've been using her Bernina in the meantime. At the moment, I have three sewing machines in my craft studio. It's a little crowded.

Taryn had a week of sunglasses where she insisted on wearing them everywhere. She sat through many meals with sunglasses on.... no autographs, please!

Cayson chose to visit the library as a pirate. Oh, well. Imagination at it's best! What's funny is, we were returning a huge stack of pirate books from a pirate week of school. 

We made some homemade Gak one day... found here. Taryn's didn't turn out as good as Cayson's. Don't know what I did wrong. But, it was fun to make and the played with it for about 10 minutes... I was hoping for an hour of fun. Ha ha.

We met Dusty for lunch at a point between his job and our home... it was the kids and I's first time to try this infamous barbecue hole-in-the-wall. It was delicious! And can I mention that the sandwich Dusty got was called a pigsickle... really.

We got to celebrate a cousin's birthday at Papa & Nana's... the kids were dressed to a T.

Taryn with her cousin, Klaire.

As part of the part-ay, we visited the Fort Cobb fair with the whole family group. It was a fun time! All three of my "kids" won stuffed animals. I think that makes it a successful visit!

Dress up is constantly happening around here if you couldn't tell. Here we have two firefighters... I was told that Taryn was a princess firefighter. Well, allright.

Once in a while, Taryn will actually cuddle with me post-nap. Normally, her after nap cuddles last for 30 seconds and then she is up and running. On this particular day, she actually sat with me and made loved making silly faces at the camera.

Have a great weekend, friends!!!

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  1. you guys have been busy, doing all sorts of fun things!


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