Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer List: Boat Time!

Going to the lake and riding on a boat made our Summer List this year as my dad had purchased a used boat over the winter. A few weekends ago, we were able to hit the lake for some water fun! It was the kids' very first boat ride (besides the ones at Disney World). They had a blast and loved going FAST! 

Cayson loved jumping into the lake over and over and over! He came up with all kinds of ways to jump in and practiced diving.

Uncle Keith helped teach Cayson the basics of diving... and being silly!

Taryn is not quite as adventurous as her brother and needed a little help "jumping."

Cayson and Taryn both got to drive the boat... which was slightly nerve wracking for me! They were very good at tight turns (eek!) and going FAST!

It was a fun afternoon that equaled exhausted little kiddos! They cannot wait for another trip to the lake!

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  1. A fun time and great pics of jumping in the water! Did you get in the water? I loved hearing about the lake and Disneyworld from Cayson today!!


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