Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday 10 - weekly catch up

1. I have been trying to get a few projects completed for my booth. We finished this frame/photo holder last week. It's a gorgeous shade of green with a white wash over it. Lots of detail in the frame to accentuate!

2. I picked up these adorable owl bookends at the local thrift store last week... I got them for a killer price but cannot decide if I should hit them with some glossy white and keep them or stick them in my booth. They might go to the booth for now and if they do not sell, keepers for me!

3. Last weekend was the annual Hydro Free Fair. We love the fair! This year was no disappointment filled with friends, rides, cotton candy and prizes.

Ferris Wheel fun - the kids' favorite ride

The cotton candy is only $1

Taryn and Gracie

More cotton candy

And even more cotton candy!

4. I am am a die-hard couponer as many probably know. I usually stock up when items are at rock bottom prices utilizing sales and coupons. I normally have a closet stocked full of hair products, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, shave gel, etc. 
Apparently, I've been failing at my job as I've been forced to brush my teeth with princess bubble gum toothpaste, shave with men's shave gel and use Dusty's deodorant. So, I smell like a mountain breeze... nice.

5. Kindergarten is going good so far... though we are on day 3. Cayson is an eager pupil... almost too eager. I can't keep him busy enough for his taste! Tomorrow is a field trip day to the zoo and I hate to admit that it's my first solo trip to the zoo with the kids. My friend, Kendra, is a pro - taking all four of her kiddos by herself!

6. I sewed some beanbags up over the weekend to use in some of our schooling.... they turned out cute with this striped IKEA fabric.

I wrote out the alphabet in chalk on the driveway and then would say a word. The goal was for Cayson to identify what letter it started with and throw the beanbag onto the right letter. It seemed successful as he loved the game and it brought the classroom outside.

7. Today, we finished of our school day by making homemade lemonade. Both kids enjoyed juicing lemons. They really enjoyed the finished product!

8. I know all my FB friends already know this news but I figured I'd announce it here too... I mean it is good news! My dad won a brand stinkin' new Toyota Tundra while attending a convention. His name was drawn on the very last drawing of the convention... and they drew his name twice! So, technically, he won twice though the rules stated he could only win once. He is waiting impatiently for his truck to be delivered to Oklahoma.

9. Dusty started his new job last week and it seems to be going well. He is learning the ropes of a completely new career. We appreciate having him home in the evenings for dinner and bedtime!

10. When He has tested me, I will emerge as pure gold. - Job 23.10

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