Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soccer Sharks

I gave into the begging and signed Cayson up for soccer this season. I decided it would be a good way to get exercise and practice teamwork. Last night, was his first game and he had such a blast. He seriously, grinned from ear to ear the entire game.

Soccer is even more fun when you are playing with your best buddy! Cayson & Britton loved playing together.

The Sharks have a great and handsome coach! Dusty ended up coaching both teams the first game.... and he's never played soccer in his life! But, he was a willing body and I think it is great for Cayson to have his dad as coach.

 Cayson had a cute little cheerleader who occasionally cheered him on - when she wasn't getting into trouble!

These next three pictures are his reaction to scoring a goal. Of course, I missed the fist pump.

Lining up for a "good game" high-five.

My mom got quite the lap full! Gracelyn and Taryn both getting loving from Grandma!

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