Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday 10

Let's see if I can make it through ten without falling asleep! This momma is a tired gal tonight.

1. I made this rotisserie chicken in the crock pot today. It turned out fantastic and was so much cheaper than a grocery store rotisserie chicken! I bought a two pack of whole chickens when they were on sale for $5 for 2. That makes for a cheap dinner!

2. Cayson started soccer tonight - his first season! He has a rockin' coach - his daddy. Let's just say the first night was quite interesting... and funny. Cayson had the biggest smile on his face for the entire game. He loved it!

3. You know you're a mom when getting your hair done, equals a mommy vacation. Seriously, two hours of girl talk with my hair lady, Goldie = awesomeness!

4. Dusty's birthday falls in the middle of our vacation so I decided to celebrate on Monday (our only free night of the week). I bought him this fun Oklahoma t-shirt, the new Toby Mac CD, and some gun stuff he asked for. We also went out to eat at one of his favorite restaurants with my family.

5. I made Taryn a fall chevron skirt to go with this cute pumpkin shirt I picked up at the mall. I can't wait for her to wear it.

6. Taryn has become quite the mess lately. We battle all day long. Her big excuse now is (in a pitiful voice) "My tummy hurts, I can't...." Whether, it's picking up toys, carrying something, going to bed or anything I ask her to do, her excuse for not doing it is "My tummy hurts." Ah. So dramatic. There is often the falling on the floor in exaggerated pain. So frustrating!

7. I fell into the fashion posts this week with one of my own. My Sunday outfit choice involved a new skirt that is definitely out of my usual realm of fashion.

8. Can you believe this girl is over 20 years old? I think I've lost count on her age. Her health has been deteriorating quite a bit lately. Understandably. We had to switch her to canned food this week because she was not able to eat the dry food. We'll be sad when her health gives out. :( Taryn kept telling me today that Patches is her friend. So sweet. Taryn stalks Patches like crazy. I got onto Taryn yesterday for trying to catch Patches in a basket.

9. Tomorrow marks a year since we left for the most magical vacation ever! I wore my vintage (yet new) shirt from our trip. I cannot wait to go back!

10. I have a new favorite verse.... 

Now faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen.  ~Hebrews 11:1

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