Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back to reality...

We are a week and a half post-vacation and I am still working on getting settled. Life is hectic... I participated in a craft fair last weekend along with the laundry, bills, cooking up our piles of apples, homeschooling, dentist appointments, soccer and such.

I thought I'd share a few things we learned along our 2400+ mile road trip!

1. Taryn CAN use a public restroom. This has been a frustrating area for us as she has flat out refused to use public toilets. Ugh, ugh. Over the course of our trip, she overcame this obstacle and has gleefully been using public restrooms. I am elated! It makes outings so much simpler! (We have this portable potty for our car for dire emergencies)

2. I discovered a new found love of apple butter. I've never tried until our trip to the apple orchards and now I am in love! Tomorrow, I will attempt to make my own batch with our remaining apples from Georgia.

3. Our kids nap terribly in the car. Seriously, ugh. Cayson did not nap at all and Taryn took a mini-nap each day in the car lasting a lovely 15-30 minutes. Let's just say she was less than pleasant at times.

4. Georgia has absolutely no straight roads whatsoever! We are used to Oklahoma's straight roads that run north-south or east-west. Dusty was ready to get home to our straight roads where you can see for miles.

5. God has made such a beautiful country! We loved seeing the beautiful trees, mountains, streams and animals along our journey. Cayson become quite talented at spotting deer... he would make a good hunting partner!

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