Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Jolly Holiday with Mary!

We got to experience a fun, cultural event over the weekend - Mary Poppins! It is such a neat thing because I introduced Dusty and the kids to Mary Poppins about a month ago. Afterwards, I heard the musical was coming to the city area but tickets were sky-high out of our price range! Last week, low and behold, a friend texted me offering to sell 5 extra tickets that they had. Awesome!

So, we took Mom along and headed to our first musical. I was a little anxious about Taryn's ability to sit still through the entire production but she surprised us and behaved very well for a two year old. She took a 10 minute nap during the show but was otherwise mesmerized by the singing, dancing and acting.

The kids loved hearing the familiar music from the movie. I definitely think it was good for them to see the movie beforehand so they knew what to expect and were a bit familiar with it.

Cayson was surprised when one of his best buddies was there! I forgot to tell him beforehand. He & Nick had a great time sitting together for the show.

It was a fun day... filled with Panera, Dollar Tree, Mary Poppins, Target and Jersey Mike's. :)

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  1. I love it. The pictures capture the fun and happiness of the day!


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