Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Jarnagin Style

We had a family filled Thanksgiving day that started with the traditional Macy's Thanksgiving Parade watching.... which was a huge hit with the kids. They were enamored! Taryn waved at all the performers and attempted to imitate their dancing. It was the cutest thing... our little performer.

We headed to Carnegie for a Jarnagin feast with the whole clan.... all 27 of them (I think that's how many).

Here are the kid tables.... the littlest kids that don't require a high chair.

The mid-size kids... I cannot believe Cayson has graduated to the mid-size table.

And the biggest kid couch... aren't they cute?

We were blessed with an extra gorgeous day so the kids were able to spend lots of time outside playing. They had the greatest time playing with their cousins!

Dusty and Cayson enjoyed a little football action... so fun.

Dusty and I went for a country run/walk mid afternoon and had a trio of goats join us. Seriously, the funniest thing. They crawled under their fence and ran behind us in single file. We ended up returning them back to their yard before heading back to the house. It was so funny... wish I had my camera or phone for pictures of it!

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