Friday, November 30, 2012

Phone Dump Friday

Time for a catch up miscellaneous post, right? Something to bore you to death or make you want to scratch your eyes out? Ha ha. Read on, if you're up to it.

I made Taryn a Christmas outfit a few weeks ago. I still need to make her a Christmas dress... if I find the time.

We completed our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. This is a highlight of the Christmas season and a great way to inspire the giving spirit. We watched a few videos on OCC's website to help the kids understand why were doing the shoe boxes.

I got a new driver's license.... 35 lb weight difference between them... a little bit of a change.

Cayson went to his buddy, Britton's, birthday party at the fire station. He had a blast! They even went on fire truck rides.

I made these Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake Brownies for Thanksgiving... sinful, I know! Thankfully, there weren't many left over so we didn't bring much of that sinfulness home with us.
Note: I used regular peanut butter cups instead of the recommended white chocolate ones... using what I had on hand. :)

I celebrated my 30th birthday... again. Last year's birthday was quite rough as we lost my grandpa the day before. This year, Dusty made up for it... with lots of sugar! Donuts, a cookie cake and cupcakes from the Sweetness Factory. Yum!

I had to laugh at his wrapping job.... just tape squares of paper to the top and bottom. Ha ha.

The kids got me this little beauty. You can order your very own here. There are lots of options as far as colors go! I love, love, love mine!

The kids decorated Christmas cookies last weekend with my aunt Beth who was visiting from Illinois. They were quite proud of their creations.

Little diva ready for church... 

Does this picture need an explanation? Can you really believe that Target sells these... for women?

This sweet guy got our house decorated for Christmas. We are all lit up!


Christmas card photo, you think? Ha ha. We were easily amused by the pop display's photo background at W@lmart. Lame=us

This miss must be going through a growth spurt. She is eating like CRAZY. She was still eating after all of us had finished, cleaned up the kitchen, etc. Still chowing away. She's been eating two bowls of cereal and two bananas for breakfast. This particular morning, she had 3 helpings of eggs, 2 helpings of grits, and 2 pieces of bacon. And she complained of being hungry 30 minutes later! I'm telling you, I need financial aid to feed our kids.

Dusty & I enjoyed a date night to an OKC Thunder game. Those games are seriously so much fun! It was also nice to get away - just the two of us. We don't get to do that often.

A little Christmas vignette in my dining room. I love these vintage looking sparkly Christmas tree I found at Target's Dollar Spot a few years ago. I have several that I place throughout the house.

I found some of my grandparents' vintage ornaments... love them! I can't wait to have room for more trees where I can have a vintage one filled with these!

 Speaking of, we got our tree up and decorated the day after Thanksgiving. Taryn immediately asked for her presents. She insisted that she should now open them now along with her birthday presents. Girl's got a ways to wait!

Merry Christmas season!!!

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  1. I love all the pics! Your new drivers license pic is wonderful. Merry Christmas season to your family!


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