Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday 10- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I'm finally doing a Tuesday 10 post! I think, at least. Here's a little phone dump and recap of the going on's of our little family!
1. A little Christmas crafting has been going on around here. I've kept it fairly light and easy this year to keep my stress levels down. I did make a fun set of four Christmas dishtowels for a friend to use at teacher's gifts. I also made my go-to gift for the kids' Sunday School teachers- Bath & Body Works soap with a tissue pocket. I also did a quick hostess gift for our Sunday School's progressive dinner - snowmen ornaments bagged up. A side-note, I found that Dollar Tree carries the paper shred I use in these bags. Total score as it goes a long way!

2. I love this little corner of our house. I have fallen back in love with the multi-colored large bulb Christmas lights! Dusty strung those on our holly bushes and they we set out my garage sale find sled with lights. Love!

3. I know I mentioned it but it is significant to mention again! We have a new nephew/cousin! Both mom and baby are now happily at home! Yay!

4. My dad (who has just recently started texting) sent me this picture. Ha ha. I don't let Cayson do this but when he's with Granddaddy, you never know what will happen!

 5. Dusty and I attended our Sunday School's progressive dinner Christmas party last weekend. We usually don't get to attend due to Dusty's work schedule. I was elated to get to attend this year! Socializing with adults is a treat for me. We had a blast but failed to take a single pic. I meant to snap one of us and forgot. Thanks to Dusty's dad for keeping the kids for us! They're still talking about their Papa time.

6. Coolness happening in our house!

7. I'm slowly working on Christmas cards. They "may" all get mailed before Christmas... we shall see. I hate going to the post office but finally made myself go buy Christmas stamps expecting them to be out. Luckily, they had all three. I went with one of each.

8. Cayson helped me make my grandma's butterscotch candy yesterday. It's pretty much a no-bake butterscotch cookie. Totally delicious and brought back memories of Christmas. They were one of her signature candies to  make every year.

9. We are hosting Christmas for my family on Christmas Day. I just realized I should put together a menu and shopping list! And figure out where everyone will sit! It's a small group of 11 but it will be tons of fun! There may even be SNOW in the forecast! This girl is overjoyed! Every year, the kids and I pray for a white Christmas.

10. Have a great week, ya'll! We'll be busy prepping for Christmas like everyone else. First up, today we are going to attempt to ice skate as a family. Wish us luck and no broken bones!


  1. Fun pics! Since we only have to go to Clinton Christmas Day, I would totally be okay with snow. The kids don't even remember the blizzard from 2009, it's been too long!

  2. Such fun pictures! I LOVE those shirts...you are so talented!! And I am SO excited about the possibility of snow this Christmas. Hope you guys have a fabulous Christmas!! :)


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