Saturday, January 26, 2013

Foto Dump Friday (or Saturday)

Prepare for a phone photo overload! It's long overdue.
We took a family trip to the city for some shopping, zoo time and dining out! We spent a few hours exploring the zoo before doing some shopping. We enjoyed eating lunch at Five Guys and dinner at Fuzzy Tacos. The kids' favorite part of the day was walking along the Bricktown Canal. They loved "exploring" the canal and it was a "free" experience- score!
My little lions

Cayson and I on the Canal

We pretended we were on a date... with our kids.

I am usually gone in the mornings when the kids get up (at the gym) but on the mornings that I am home.... this type of activity commences. Attack the parents full force.

Taryn sat like this to eat breakfast the other day... I guess the day was already rough...

Taryn asked to wear a scarf like I was... and wanted me to take her picture with Patches.

Hilarious Hat Night at Awana. Brayden and Cayson had quite the hats to wear.

Taryn loves Patches. Sadly, this was our last morning spent with her. We had to say goodbye to our sweet girl. She was over 20 years old (I lost count) and was losing control of her bowels/bladder and stopped eating. We miss her very much.

Taryn got spiffed up for her princess birthday party. Don't you love the socks? Those got changed before the party. Ha ha.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law made this awesome cake! Taryn had picked it out herself on Pinterest and they made her dream come true.

Our sweet birthday princess was ready to party and play with her friends!

We took the kids to the church playground during the nice weather last Saturday. Dusty and I enjoyed some slide races, tag and all around play time. Oh, and the kids had fun too.

Taryn loves to dress up and accessorize.... hopefully, one day she'll be able to pull together matching outfits. 


The kids played Sorry by themselves the other morning. I was impressed that they could play just the two of them. They call it by the German name my grandpa taught them - Tut mir Leid.

I let the kids play in the Chick-Fil-A play area for only the second time. I'm such a germaphobe but they were the only ones in it this time. The last time they played in it (during the summer), Taryn peed down the slide. So embarrassing. I think I'm over that traumatic experience... Maybe.

Cruising with my peeps and our shades....

And, 5 minutes later, Taryn was out!

Taryn *might* adore her baby cousin just a little bit. Doesn't he look like he's begging to be rescued from his *loving* cousin? Ha ha.

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  1. Fun post with cute pics! You guys have been so busy!


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