Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Giveaway!!! A Glorious Becoming

I am super pumped to be hosting a giveaway for a dear friend and her new book! Cari Trotter is a sweetheart with a heart for the Lord and a desire to minister to women of all ages! I see Cari's passion for women and pray that her ministry ignites other women.

Cari founded Glorious Daughters, a ministry that focuses on women. You can check it out here. She also hosts a women's conference right here in western Oklahoma that is out of this world amazing! Remade is coming up - April 12-13. I'd like to encourage you ladies to register and get in on the uplifting weekend! Rebecca and I will be there hosting the photo booth for loads of fun and memories! Get excited and get your girlfriends together for a fun weekend!

On to the giveaway, Cari wrote A Glorious Becoming from the uttermost parts of her heart. I'm in the midst of reading my copy and am loving it! Friends who already have a copy, please enter so you can give to a friend in need of these words!

The winner will receive a signed copy of Cari's book, A Glorious Becoming, a Remade t-shirt, a bag and a tissue pocket. Super awesome, y'all!

Just leave me a comment - say anything you want for your entry! If you do not have a Blogger account and don't want to sign up, etc. Send me an email ( for your entry. Be sure to put "Giveaway" in the subject field.

You can also "like" Glorious Daughters on Facebook here!


  1. Wish I lived closer, I'd love to be able to go! Thanks for the giveaway, Sarah! :-)

  2. I am registering this wk!! Cant wait! Cari is coming to Hobart I think it is the end of April. I went to an event last year in March here at the FBC in Hobart loved it!!!


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