Friday, January 4, 2013

Our 3 Year Old Princess

Taryn turned 3 last Sunday (the 30th). It's so crazy to me that she is three already. Time sure does fly, as we all know!

We got up early to open gifts before church.

Taryn was excited to get a Cinderella dress and cheerleader costume. She now fully believes she is a Thunder Girl and has been swishing her hair all week long.

Dusty went to get donuts for breakfast and after three stops, he finally found some! Apparently, Sunday is the wrong day to get donuts. Taryn was happy with her chocolate round.

We went to church and ate lunch at Taryn's choice - "the ice cream place" aka Braum's. She was excited to eat with Granddaddy and Grandma AND she got a birthday phone call from Papa while we were there which made her beam.

After a little nap time, we headed to the city for Taryn's requested ice skating. This trip to ice skate was cold! We bundled the kids up in their snow pants and many layers which seemed to work great. They had good padding for their falls and it kept their pants from getting wet. Score.

We ate dinner at Texadelphia (again). Taryn wanted Fuzzy Tacos but they were way too busy so maybe next time. We finished the birthday day off with a trip to Pinkitzel for cupcakes! Woot-woot!

Oh, I guess we technically finished the day off with a trip to Target... you know, because I cannot go to the city without a little Target shopping.

So, the girl is now three and her party is coming up... I am, like usual, a bit delayed in throwing it. It's nice to get over the holiday rush and crash before we throw a fun birthday party. But, beware, a big, pink, princess birthday party is in the works!

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  1. I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one that cannot pass by a Target! Landon asks if it is physically possible to pass by one i always say try it LOL! Love me some TAR-JAY!


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