Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Snow Day

Funny, we got a little snow today with more to come but I am blogging about last week's snow today! I realize I'm quite behind in the blogging world. Honestly, our lives have been a bit boring lately with not much to blog about!

Though we were all suffering from colds last week, the kids talked me into letting them play in the snow a bit. Snow is such a rare treasure in western Oklahoma and I hated for them to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy it's cold fluffiness. We played a short while before rushing back inside for some hot chocolate.

I tested out my new tripod and remote for a group shot. Did you know you can buy an inexpensive remote on Amazon? I think I spent $7 for this one. Now, the tripod was a more pricey Christmas gift from Dusty but it works great with DSLR cameras! 

Hot chocolate time! Taryn, crazy enough, is not a fan of hot chocolate. I gave her a bit but she barely touched it. Cayson, on the other hand, is a HUGE fan!

February 13 Snow Day

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