Friday, February 22, 2013

Grand Prix Racer

Cayson got to participate in his first Awana Grand Prix this week! He was so excited for the big race. His car was an all out family effort to get it finished for the race. I drew out the design, Dusty cut it out, he and Cayson sanded it and painted it, I finished painting it, my dad put the wheels on and added the weight to it. Whew! We got it ready for race day!

Sadly, Dusty was out of the town this week so he missed the race. But, Cayson had a cheering section with his momma, sister, grandma and granddaddy cheering his yellow car on. He won several heats but did not win a trophy. He was satisfied with the blue ribbon for participation though. 

I should also mention that Cayson finished his Sparks book about 4 weeks ago! I am proud of his verse memorization. He has learned so much this year and I am so thrilled that he is hiding those precious verses in his heart!

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