Monday, February 25, 2013

Tuesday 10 - a bit of catching up

I just downloaded several weeks worth of phone pictures to the computer so I thought it would be a good time to for a phone dump in the form of a Tuesday 10 post. It's been a bit of a trying weekend as I decided to do a processed sugar and carb fast. I have had such an addiction to the two and constantly crave carbs and sugar. It was rough but I can definitely feel the change in my cravings. I ate lots of cheese, oranges, and meat.

1. One Saturday while Dusty was gone, I decided to paint our coffee table with some CeCe chalk paint. It was so easy to use! I love, love, love it. I've since waxed it and put the hardware back on. I love the change! I will post a picture of the finished project soon.

2. We've had the privilege to keep this sweet little guy twice in the last week- my dear nephew, Brady.

Cayson made sure he had plenty of stuffed animals to entertain him.

4. We are in the midst of a blizzard... so unusual for western Oklahoma! The snow is crazy heavy and deep. Hopefully, we can get out in it tomorrow to play and take more pictures. I love snow pictures!

5. During our snow day, we busted out some major craft projects that we had received as gifts. Taryn painted her ceramic princesses and made some butterfly wings.

6. Seriously, this girl, I die. Walking down the street holding my Cinderella's hand. Love.

7. You might have noticed that Taryn likes to dress up... just a little bit. Whether it be loads of accessories, a towel or blanket tied as a super hero cape, a paper bag made into a "robot" costume- there's always something.

8. Here are my two little Valentines on Valentine's Day. We went out for lunch with my dad for some Valentine's Day pizza.

9. On Saturday, Dusty and I got to go to the gym together. This never happens since one of us has to be with the kids... you know, since they aren't allowed to be home alone yet. We had a little bit of time so we seized the moment and ran to the gym. I was cracking up because I turned the tv to Step Mom (the movie) which was followed by Steel Magnolias. I think Dusty was really digging Steel Magnolias.

10. Here's a little peek into some of our homeschooling.... this Ikea chalkboard has been handy for school! If you'll notice, my sweet tea is usually nearby while we work on school.

11. A bonus one, I guess... I've done a few fashion Instagrams as of late. Mainly, I'm trying to plan outfits for NYC... it's so hard! Trying to figure out warm outfits that will be comfortable. AND, what shoes should I wear? I don't know!

I jumped on the bandwagon with floral leggings and I must say these are so comfortable. They're my new sweatpants. Ha ha. I found these at Target for only $12. Cheap and so comfy!

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