Friday, March 1, 2013

Snow? Again? In Western Oklahoma?

Unbelievably, we were the victims of a blizzard. A BLIZZARD in western Oklahoma. Nearly, unheard of around here. It began Sunday night with 2" of rain followed by 6-8" of blowing, wet snow on Monday. Our electricity was off and on Monday afternoon but we really only had a two hour span of no electricity at all. We were the lucky ones as there are some who are still without or are just now getting their power.

We were all eager to enjoy the heavy snow Tuesday morning and headed out for some playtime! Many snowballs flew and Taryn had a hard time walking in the snow since it was so deep. She and Cayson both managed to lose a boot in the deep snow.

Later in the afternoon, Dusty came home from work early so we could do some snowman building and sledding. Dusty loves to sled just about as much as the kids! I must admit that I love it too!

And this is the best picture that I got with our snowman. Ha ha. My tripod didn't work out so well this time. I have about 6 shots that are cutting Dusty and I out of the picture! I was balancing the tripod on the top of some snow in Dusty's pickup.

Sledding time!


Here's one of Dusty's nice falls. I had one too that he caught on camera but I will just save you from having to view it. :) I'm nice like that.

My dad made the kids a Mickey Mouse snowman which they thought was pretty awesome.

So, we pretty much loved the snow and are so grateful that God sent us moisture! Dusty had to drive back and forth to work in the blizzard like conditions but thankfully, God protected him through it.

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