Friday, November 14, 2008

Sibling "Love"

Cayson tried to love on Patches the other day... she was definitely not appreciative of the affection.
Can you tell Patches is irritated with the tot?

This is where she bit and scratched Cayson and he just laughed and thought it was great fun.

Had to post this one too... I just love this smile!

Another funny thing on Cayson... he fell at Trunk or Treat at church... 2 1/2 weeks ago and skinned his palms. About three times a day, he shows me his "owie" (which is completely healed). He always shows his grandparents this owie when he sees them... it's so funny! He thinks it's such a big deal. He found another "owie" on his ankle... it's just a little pin size dot of a scratch on his ankle. So this is another new owie to show everyone.


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  1. That is so funny with Patches when we go to Jaimes, Brayden plays with Maggie her cocker spaniel. And she starts to bark and nip and he just thinks its the funniest thing. I think Cayson tried to show me he "owie" the other day at the parade I think he was wanting a five lol


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