Saturday, March 20, 2010

Precious Gracie

You might remember this post… I mentioned us meeting our friends Kendra & Baby Gracie for a “playdate” for our girls. Well, one week later… this past Monday, Taryn and I were meeting Kendra & Gracie but under not fun circumstances – at the children’s hospital. Miss Gracie fell very ill last Thursday morning and was rushed to Children’s Hospital. She was limp, lethargic, unresponsive with dilated eyes. She was diagnosed with botulism. It’s a terrible illness and is very serious. There were some scary days there where things were uncertain. They had to fly the medicine in from California that would stop the bacteria from doing further damage to her nerves.

Please read her story here. God is so good and has answered our prayers. She is supposed to come home tomorrow! Hurray! I was screaming when I found out and Cayson cheered along with me and exclaimed, “Baby Taryn can go play with Gracie!” So sweet! Yes, darling, Baby Taryn can play with Gracie because God healed!

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