Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Texas Bound

Last week, we took a quick trip down to Dallas for a Texas Rangers baseball game. Taryn stayed behind with my parents (thanks Dad & Mom!) so Cayson got to enjoy being the "only child" for a bit. I love these short little trips to Dallas.... it's fun to getaway and enjoy what Texas has to offer (like Taco Casa, Shipley's Do-Nuts, IKEA).

Cayson enjoyed swimming in the hot tub at the hotel. Mom fail- I didn't even think to pack swimsuits so he swam in his shorts for day 2. He had to swim in the hot tub since I couldn't get in the pool with him. He loved it though and was happy as could be!

Cayson enjoyed his blue cotton candy and ate pretty much the entire massive bag!

 He shared a little with Mom. Let's just say Cayson was quite blue by the time he finished his cotton candy.

This boy was one exhausted kid by the time we made it back to the hotel. He was sound asleep as Dusty carried him in.

The next day, we made stops at Shipley's, IKEA (for bunk beds!) and Taco Casa before heading home.

I love making memories with our family! I realize these are the days to treasure and the days we will remember.

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  1. Fun, fun trip!! Cayson is so cute and I can tell just from pics that he had a blast! Taryn told me at CDO on Monday that she was going to be staying with Grandma while you guys were away. She was so excited about it and when your dad came to get her she ran down the hallway to meet him! Very sweet stuff!


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