Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

I am beyond blessed with an amazing husband who understands me and yet, still loves me! He became a wonderful father the minute Cayson was born and has far exceeded my expectations! I could not ask for a better daddy to father my babies!

Poor guy didn't really get to enjoy "his" day today. He double backs on Sundays meaning he has an 8 hour turn around getting off at 6 am and being back at 2 pm. He comes to church on barely any sleep before going back to work. We did manage lunch out with my family so we were able to celebrate my dad and grandpa.

He had big helpers while opening his gifts... they are such good gift openers, you know?

I'm so grateful that God has placed so many great men in my life!!! He truly blessed me abundantly with a hard working, godly dad to raise me in His love. Happy Father's Day!


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