Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday 10

1. We had to make a trip to the city to pick up a few things last week. Cayson stayed behind with Grandma because he had swim lessons. We finished off our trip with a trip for frozen yogurt. Taryn chose "purple" aka blueberry and "pink" aka strawberry. She chose to give me a big pout when I asked for a smile. Stinker!

2. I worked a few days at my old job... it's been over 5 years since I've worked there full-time! Crazy! It was almost like a vacation, sitting behind a desk in a fairly peaceful office. Ha ha. I was grateful to get home to my babies though. I missed them!

3. We stopped off to watch the car show "cruise" in downtown on Friday. Cayson loved seeing all the hot rods.

4. I got in a little crafting over the weekend... I did a few freezer paper stencils and made shirts for Taryn and I. I used Martha glitter paint which is amazing stuff, btw.

5. I quickly put together this candy bar for Dusty for Father's Day. Thank you, Pinterest!

6. My dad, the kids and I picked corn at the local corn maize this week. It was a crazy windy day but we managed to get our bushel picked and bring back about 5 pounds of red dirt in the process! The kids LOVE the sweet corn! Cayson even asked if he could have it for breakfast!

8. Sadly, I cannot prop my eyelids open any longer... getting up at 5:30 am every day will do that to a girl come 9:30 pm! Have a good week, all!


  1. Your blog is oh so lovely. What a beautiful place to share your moments. MB

  2. The shirts are totally cute!! You are so crafty!
    You do such fun activities with your kiddos!


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