Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Red Rock Canyon: Checking off our Summer Bucket List!

Our family has been having a blast checking off our activities on the summer bucket list! Last week, we took a little road trip to have a breakfast picnic (donuts - gourmet, I know) at Red Rock Canyon. The kids had a fantastic time exploring, playing and hiking!

The park had a little playground piece that had two large rocks for the kids to play on. Cayson, of course, brought along a sword so he was on cloud nine playing on it.

Cayson snapped this picture... it was supposed to be Dusty and I but Taryn ran in to be a part of it too. Ha ha!

We took a hike on one of the trails... the kids were great troopers. Cayson LOVED all the nature and was so exuberant about every single thing. We hiked out to the top of the canyon so that was fun!

Cayson is already planning his next trip to Red Rock Canyon... he keeps telling me what he needs to pack for our next visit. It was definitely a fun filled morning!


  1. Your pictures captured your adventure perfectly! I so enjoyed hearing all about it from Cayson. You and Dusty are A+++++ parents.


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