Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer List: The Zoo

We took an early morning trip to the OKC Zoo last week to take advantage of the zoo's early 8 am openings this month. This meant a 6:30 am departure from our house... which meant a quick stop for donuts. :) Yay! 

Getting to the zoo at 8 am meant we pretty much had the zoo to ourselves. It was awesome! We had so much fun exploring. We visited exhibits that we haven't visited since having the kids... it's the stuff off the beaten trail or away from some of our usual favorite attractions.

We ran into the white peacock strolling around first thing... see it behind the kids?  

Because it was still cool, the kids were able to pose with the different statues weren't too hot to sit on. Taryn was not sure about them at first... she was a little stand-offish at first.

We took a loaf of bread to feed the ducks... something we always love to do. We had a huge flock of ducks along with turtles begging for food. It was fun.

For some reason, we haven't been by the cats for years. Taryn requested to see cats this trip so we made a point to do the cat exhibits. It was exciting to see all the tigers. There were a lot of them and they were prowling around and active! Two of the tiger cubs just turned one the day before our visit.

I asked the kids what their favorite part of the zoo was. Cayson's answer was the alligators (you know, the most boring animal who lays still without moving an inch) and feeding the ducks. Taryn's response was the cats. We are all looking forward to our next visit to the zoo!


  1. Zoo's are perfect for family fun! Loved this read!

  2. We just spent a few days in OKC. I didn't know the zoo opened so early or I would have taken my girls. They love the zoo but the one in Tulsa isn't much fun. Ill have to take them to okc again soon. Your kids are so darling


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